zu „Ionic 5 – Create awesome apps for iOS, Android, Desktop and Web“

How do I get to write this book?

“Ionic 5 – Creating awesome apps for Android, iOS, Desktop and Web” is my third book about the excellent Ionic framework for developing mobile apps. My own search for specialized literature on this topic was sobering: the few things there are to be found in the book trade are outdated. That’s when I realized: the book I’m looking for has yet to be written!

Just like my first books “Ionic 5” addresses new or emerging software developers who previously had little or nothing to do with programming apps or worked with other tools and frameworks and want to build really cool apps in a simple way. If you feel addressed, this book is for you!

The book spans from the idea of the popular app framework Ionic and its installation to the realization of a complete app including its publication in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It offers you a comprehensive introduction to Ionic. With in-depth background knowledge, for example, on Angular, Cordova or JavaScript, I’ll hold myself back; there is already good literature about it. A small exception is the second chapter „Angular Essentials“, in which I briefly describe the essential concepts and structures of Angular. The one who would like to know more, I’ll offer further links in suitable places.

For each chapter I dedicate an own aspect of Ionic and gradually add new functionalities to an initially simple app called „BoB Tours“. If you accompany me, at the end of this book, you not only learned to know and use the most important features of Ionic, but also understood how it works in context. With that you finally have the necessary knowledge to be able to develop your own awesome apps with Ionic.

If you find a chapter less exciting or want to skip for any other reason, you can download the source code of a chapter from the book’s website (see „The book’s website“ on page 20) and continue working on the following chapter.

I would like to thank …

… Ben Sperry and Max Lynch, who started their „Drifty Co.“ business in 2012 with ambitious goals, but probably didn’t even suspect that in 2014 their Ionic frameworks would be one of the most popular cross-platform mobile development technology stacks in the world. Without this amazing success story, there wouldn’t be countless awesome apps and even this book.

… Simon Grimm for his great project „Ionic Academy“ (https://ionicacademy.com), whose visit I highly recommend to any new Ionite.

… Paul Halliday, Josh Morony, Max Schwarzmüller, Jorge Vegara, Sani Yusuf and all the other passionate authors of excellent Ionic tutorials.

… the team of the GFU Cyrus AG in Cologne, Germany, which was infected by my enthusiasm for Ionic and spontaneously integrated me into their seminar program with this topic.

… the readers of my books for the precious feedback that motivated me to stay tuned.

… you and all other readers of this book. Feel free to give me precious feedback this time, too.

… finally and emphatically with my loved ones for their patience and consideration when I worked hours and hours on this book and for their amazing leniency, when I talked about Ionic, Apps & Co. no less often and always long lectured. What they have left behind them, you as a reader can now look forward to 😉

Bonn in April 2020
Andreas Dormann